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begun in a bedroom of a third floor apartment on cleveland's west side, forest city portage is a testament to hard work and determination. what started as an outlet for neglected artistic urges, forest city portage has grown to become a bustling micro enterprise comprised of self-taught owner/designer michael hudecek. housed in the former TEMPLAR MOTOR CAR CO. manufacturing facility in lakewood, oh's birdtown neighborhood, the studio produces bags of all ilk spawned from a commitment to cleveland (hudecek was raised in detroit shoreway on cleveland's near-west side), a car-free lifestyle, and a desire to do things right.


fcp is proud to partner with CRANK SET RIDES, donating bags, packs, and accessories to help them in their goal to create fun themed rides that raise money for children in need of bicycles.


hudecek currently sits on the board of the OHIO CITY BICYCLE CO-OP whose mission is to increase bicycle education and awareness. a trusted supplier of used bikes and parts as well as a series of mechanics and riding/safety classes.


fcp is thrilled to be participating in the HAWKEN SCHOOL insight courses teaching 4-6 graders about alternative career options. we cover pattern making and the commitment required to grow an idea into a small business.


fcp is happy to help out raise money for your event or cause by donating bags/packs/accessories. please understand that due to the size and nature of the shop we are only able to accommodate so many requests. generally a minimum of 45 days is appreciated to be considered.