As a self-taught sewer, trial and error, iteration, and patience have ruled this journey. From bedroom to bike shops, to the Cleveland Flea and Cleveland Bazaar, each stage in my development as a business owner and artist has been amazing. With a child and a full-time job working to change the way teachers teach and students learn through Wildfire Education, Forest City Portage is now my creative outlet. I try to make sure I get to orders in a timely manner, but truth be told, this is an asterisk on my life right now. If you need a bag today, check out the available bags in the shop, now, or head over to one of the myriad amazing bag companies out there today. Some I highly recommend are in no particular order: Trash Messenger Bags, Seagull Bags, RE:Load Bags, Roadrunner Bags, Vaya Bags, Blaq Paks, Black Star Bags, and on.
13000 Athens Ave C-342 Lakewood, OH 44107 USA
E-mail: Phone: 216.470.5098